10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning! News:

  • Amazon is using Facebook integration to allow people to get shopping recommendations from their friends.
  • Meet Tiffany Montague: The woman in charge of Google’s space initiatives. Seriously.
  • Google is working on its social network which will include a gaming platform.
  • GigaOm got its hands on an early draft of the Facebook movie script. Mark Zuckerberg comes across as vindictive and naive.
  • Facebook is close to acquiring New York startup Hot Potato. 
  • BusinessWeek agitates for Google to buyback some stock or issue a dividend.
  • A hedge fund bought 1% of LinkedIn for $20 million, giving the site a $2 billion valuation.
  • The average Verizon smartphone user uses more data than the average iPhone user according to a new study.
  • Amazon is sold out of Kindles. Good news for the Nook?
  • Disney bought social gaming company Playdom for up to $763 million.

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