10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Jim Balsillie

Good morning! Here’s the news you want:

  • Apple is working on improving the screen on the iPad 2 so it is less smudgy and better outdoors.
  • RIM thought the iPhone was impossible when it was debuted in 2007. Employees didn’t think all that touch screen goodness could be done.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to see the puzzles Facebook uses for recruiting, then click here.
  • Neat: A job listing for Amazon by Jeff Bezos before Amazon even launched.
  • Jesse Stay of SocialToo points out that Mark Zuckerberg has asked more questions on Quoraon Facebook Questions than he has . (If Zuckerberg doesn’t use Questions, that has to be a bad sign, right?)
  • The SEC is starting to investigate all those private market stock transactions of Facebook, Zynga, and other startups.
  • Apple is being sued for sending customer data to ad networks through iPhone and iPad apps.
  • A $600,000 yacht is controlled by an iPad.
  • Walmart and 5 other companies are investing $500 million in the Chinese online commerce company 360buy.com.
  • At one point in time 50% of all the CDs printed in the world had an AOL logo.
  • Bonus: If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at our slideshow of the next five Apple products coming in 2011.

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