10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning!


  • The people behind Dark Sky, the prettiest weather app on the iPhone, are making their short-term weather prediction data available to other developers.
  • They’re making another Jurassic Park movie. Of course they are. If any content “brand” carries any weight with consumers, it will return to the big screen eventually.
  • Facebook is adding ads inventory from its News Feed into its exchange, which allows third-party advertisers to target ads using third-party data.
  • Pssst…did you know lots of Blackberry apps are actually Android apps, and that Blackberry installed an “emulator” on its phones to get them to work?
  • Tumblr now hosts 100 million blogs. Remember, that’s not 100 million users, or active users. Still, it’s pretty big.
  • Flipboard, the aggregation app-maker, came out with a version two. The big feature is that everyone can now make a “magazine.”
  • Tablet computers will out-ship desktops this year, laptops next year.
  • Michael Dell’s former right-hand man is leading the charge on a private equity offer that would knock Dell out of his CEO job. Drama!
  • Apple is working on a super HD “4K” TV and will ship it at the end of this year or early next, reports Digitimes.
  • Here are the 10 smartest things Tim Cook has done since becoming Apple CEO.

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