10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

2012 Chevrolet Chevy Camaro ZL1 Car

Photo: Courtesy Chevrolet

Good morning! Here is some news:

  • A fake press release duped a lot of outlets into reporting that Google had acquired a small public company for $400 million.
  • The schemer used a press release distribution site called PRWeb, which Danny Sullivan says is good for “getting crap into Google News and out into news sites.”
  • Microsoft is about to make it a lot more expensive for companies with workers who bring their iPhones and iPads to work.
  • General Motors is going to integrate Apple’s voice recognition software, Siri, into Chevrolet cars.
  • Ad networks are killing the Internet.
  • IBM says Twitter referred 0% of Black Friday traffic.
  • A Cambridge research centre is figuring out whether or not robots will destroy humankind.
  • Know what’s scary? This story about how easy it was for a hacker/thief to open keycard locks in a hotel.
  • Former Autonomy employees are coming out saying the company always used aggressive accounting techniques to boost its valuation.
  • Watchdog group says Samsung employees work 16-hour days with only one day per month off.
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