10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: (cc) Kenneth Yeung – www.thelettertwo.com

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Apple has reportedly hiked its iPhone shipment target to 20-21 million in Q1 2011, up from 19 million units.
  • The iPod Touch gets some competition: Samsung will be rolling out a 4 inch Galaxy Player at CES.
  • Twitter will have a lot to prove in 2011. Mostly, it needs to justify that rich new valuation.
  • People at Nokia call new CEO Stephen Elop, “The General” because he’s always busy trying to save Nokia.
  • Your smartphone’s battery is probably lying to you.
  • Google has reportedly suspended the production of the Google TV Logitech Revue box.
  • Android devices should explode in popularity for 2011, as chipset prices dip.
  • Etsy will do $30-$50 million in revenue this year and it has been profitable for a year now.
  • New mobile ads are targeting people based on the phone they’re using. So if you’re on a Motorola Razr, you could get hit with ads for Nokia phones.
  • A “flawless” prototype of Apple’s first portable computer is available on eBay.

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