10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

google CEO Eric Schmidt

Good morning! News:

  • Zynga could become the “Google of games,” says the NYT.
  • AOL has a recruiting firm looking for a VP to head up its music business.
  • Inventory of Apple iMacs is running low, and people expect a refresh of the line to arrive soon.
  • Here’s a decent post on why the Google-MySpace deal was a disaster. (People in social networks aren’t searching/researching things to buy.)
  • Ex-Microsoftie, and current Googler, Don Dodge says Microsoft should stop acting like a growth company, slash expenses, and increase the dividend.
  • A big NYT profile of Tesla CEO Elon Musk highlights his tendency to stretch the truth to his liking.
  • An Oracle President said the company could spend $70 billion on acquisitions in the next five years. A spokeswoman quickly put out a statement saying he’s speaking out of turn.
  • An HTC phone running Windows Phone 7 was spotted in the wild.
  • Google missed a deadline for converting L.A. to its pro apps. The Police Department needs Google email to be more secure.
  • Canalys put out a report this morning that says Apple is now a top 5 PC vendor thanks to the success of the iPad.

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