10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Windows Phone 7’s most popular paid apps are more expensive on average than the iPhone.
  • Google says lightweight netbooks running Chrome OS will be out in the next month.
  • Apple bought more property in Cupertino California, possibly paying $300 million for land that used to belong to HP.
  • When Google acquires companies it tells them they can have a bigger impact on the world at Google than if they were just doing their own company.
  • Google released a study on how people shop for computers, e-readers, and tablets.
  • Sony is hunting for a new president who could eventually replace CEO Howard Stringer.
  • Book publishers are testing enhanced e-books at higher prices.
  • Groupon’s UK manager talks about why Google wants Groupon — its a good connection to small businesses..
  • Japanese teleco NTT DoCoMo is using Darth Vader as a pitchman for its Android phones.
  • Microsoft’s retail stores are neat, but consumers are a little confused by them.

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