10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Jenn Hyman, Rent The Runway, CEORent The Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman

Good morning. Here’s the news.

  • The HTC First, also known as the Facebook phone, was a huge flop. But AT&T’s CEO thinks Facebook will try again, just the way Apple tried again after the ROKR.
  • Remember New York-based startup Go Try It On? It’s been acquired by Rent The Runway. No word on Go Try It On’s rival, Fashism.
  • The main criticism of Samsung’s high-end smartphones is that they are too plastic-y. So Samsung is investing in carbon fibre company. That place is relentless.
  • Lots of people are passing around this essay from The New York Times’s Jenna Wortham, explaining why Instagram videos aren’t nearly so wonderful as Instagram photos.
  • In a blow to sexting everywhere, iOS 7 makes it easier to take undetected screenshots in Snapchat.
  • Did you know Uber had already expanded to Asia? It just opened up shop in Seoul.
  • “BlackBerry launched a service on Tuesday allowing government agencies and corporate clients to secure and manage devices powered by Google Inc’s Android platform and Apple Inc’s iOS operating system.”
  • Classic Microsoft game Age of Empires is coming to iPhones and Android phones.
  • If you want a career in Silicon Valley, you better learn to meditate.
  • This is a funny WSJ headline: “Leaked Alibaba Memo Stresses Secrecy”

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