10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: AP

Morning! Here’s the news. After, come back to SAI for live news and analysis all day.

  • Verizon will sell a high-end Lumia phone from Nokia this year.
  • Microsoft reported earnings yesterday, but didn’t disclose Windows 8 or Surface sales.
  • Speculation that the next iPhone will have a fingerprint reader is back.
  • The third-most popular handset maker in the world is Huawei, a Chinese company best known for disrupting Cisco’s router business.
  • Users of Twitter’s video app Vine can no longer use their Facebook account to find other users.
  • People lined up around the block to see Marissa Mayer give an interview at Davos this morning.
  • This chart shows how well Apple has diversified iPhone sales by region and carrier.
  • Samsung stock tanked after executives warned of smartphone saturation.
  • Square COO Jack Dorsey is leaving the company after disputes with CEO Jack Dorsey.
  • Airbnb is close to doing a billion dollars in annual revenues.

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