10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Elon Musk

Photo: Flickr/OnInnovation

Hello there. Let’s get to the news. Later, stop by SAI for the latest. 

  • Apple iPhone 5 sales were disappointing. The market is convinced it was a supply problem, not a demand one.
  • How weak could demand be? Apple gadget theft is up 40% in New York versus a mere 4% rise in crime overall.
  • Adobe Photoshop just got a big upgrade.
  • Twitter would like to add a fancy entertainment exec to its board, perhaps Peter Chernin.
  • Tesla has installed six solar-powered charging stations along California roads to help drivers make longer trips.
  • Meanwhile, Tesla also just warned investors sales are going to be lower than expected.
  • Bloomberg reports that the source of supply problems may be thin screens that are harder to make fast.
  • Seems like Apple ripped-off a Swiss railroad’s clock design for updated clock app in iOS 6.
  • San Francisco is going to allow developers to build 220-square foot apartments. Smaller than a prison cell.
  • You think you need to sleep 8 hours. You may be wrong.

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