10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

steve jobs ipod

Photo: MadeMan

Good morning! Here’s the news.

  • Netflix earnings are in, and the numbers are ugly.
  • Google might take its fibre effort to Europe next.
  • Mark Pincus is selling his house — here’s a tour.
  • Zynga is set to go public before Thanksgiving.
  • Groupon is suing two Googlers for stealing trade secrets.
  • Apple’s newest hire is a cloud expert from Yahoo.
  • Android has completely blown past Apple to take the lead in market share for app downloads.
  • Remember when Obama met with all those tech CEOs? Here’s how they annoyed him.
  • Similarly, here’s why Steve Jobs was disappointed in Obama.
  • Steve Jobs said that he was a “grand theft” of the iPhone and vowed to fight it to his dying breath, but here’s the opposite take on that.

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