10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

steve ballmer

Photo: AP

Good morning! Here’s the news of the day:

  • Apple will add NFC to the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 which means each device can act as a wireless payment system.
  • Google has acquired fflick for $10 million, a movie recommendation service that uses Twitter to make its recommendations.
  • Jason Calacanis has “pivoted” once again, and now Mahalo 4.0 is trying to create a series of how-to videos.
  • Facebook is testing out a new ad system that uses your likes to spam your friends as sponsored messages.
  • ESPN is expanding its online streaming options. If you are a Time Warner Cable member you will be able to see ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPN, and other channels online.
  • Everything you need to know about Windows 8. (rumours/speculation that it has a tile mode to operate smoothly on tablets.)
  • Apple’s Asian manufacturer Pegatron reportedly has an order in for 10 million iPhone 5s already.
  • Blekko, the search engine that’s trying to deliver cleaner results than Google just got another $200,000 in funding from Ashton Kutcher.
  • Barnes and Noble is phasing out the Nook 3G.
  • Dropbox, a company that seems like it could be acquired this year, is adding millions of users monthly for its simple syncing service.
  • BONUS: Late last night plugged in Apple blogger John Gruber tweeted, “What’s the over/under on me completing a single phone call within a five-block radius of Moscone West this week?” He’s there for Macworld. Initially we thought there was some secret Apple event in the works until a commenter corrected us.

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