10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

tim cook sad looking down

Good morning! Here’s the news. After, come back to SAI for the latest live news and analysis all day.

  • Apple reported record earnings yesterday, but slowing growth killed the stock over night and now analysts are weighing in with negative reports.
  • Here is Apple’s quarter in charts.
  • Many analysts believe now’s the time for LinkedIn to make a huge acquisition.
  • Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumias in 2012.
  • Google revealed faster image search.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook isn’t worried about people buying iPad Minis instead of iPads: “Our core philosophy is to never fear cannibalization. If we don’t do it, someone else will.”
  • Industry leaders swear that robots will not take your job. (But wouldn’t they?)
  • NYPD radiation scanners can detect concealed weapons from afar.
  • Overseas startup incubators are opening shops in Silicon Valley, which makes them a little less “overseas,” right?
  • SV Angel raised $30 million and used it to buy stock from early Pinterest employees and investors.

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