10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Steve Ballmer surface

Photo: AP

Good morning.If you like news, you are in luck.

That is what we’ve got, right here:

  • Facebook announced Q3 earnings yesterday, and they were great because ad revenues are accelerating again.
  • Also: Facebook’s mobile ad business is now up to a $1 billion run rate.
  • Reviews of Microsoft’s iPad-rival, the Surface, came out last night and they were not very good.
  • Zynga fired 5% of its workforce.
  • Apple released a new iMac, a new iPad (mini), and a new MacBook.
  • Yelp bought a European rival for $50 million.
  • LinkedIn launched video ads.
  • Obviously, HP is selling new Windows 8 gadgets. Here is pricing and availability.
  • The word “geek” is over-used. But when a woman asked a man for a date on GitHub it was geeky. In the good way!
  • RRE’s Adam Ludwin has written a love poem to the kinds entrepreneurs he likes to invest in.

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