10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning. News:

  • Google said Apple violated six of its patents with the iPhone. The U.S. International Trade Commission disagrees.
  • Are investors treating Tim Cook the same way they treat Steve Ballmer? Nick Wingfield points out that Microsoft has been able to grow profits and revenues under Ballmer, but the stock hasn’t moved.
  • You that really stupid trick teens are doing on YouTube, where they pull a condom through their nostril and then out their mouth? Doctors say its really stupid – and really dangerous.
  • Instead of asking students to raise their hands, teachers can use new software from this startup to ask them to take a poll on the iPads or smartphones.
  • Bummer: Using Siri to text is no safer than using your fingers to text.
  • Deals site Fab is raising at least another $100 million, probably at a valuation close to $1 billion, TechCrunch reports.
  • A hedge fund disclosed a $2 billion stake in Microsoft and shares increased 3.6% on the news.
  • Reuters fired that social media editor who has been accused of helping Anonymous hack into the Chicago Tribune. But he wasn’t fired for that. He was fired for tweeting lots of bad information during the Boston crises.
  • The Wall Street Journal thinks Apple’s problem is that it suddenly doesn’t know if it’s a software company, a hardware company, or a hardware-software hybrid. (That’s not Apple’s problem. Apple’s problem is a saturated smartphone market.)
  • Netflix, which crushed earnings yesterday, has more subscribers than HBO now.

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