10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


Photo: wwwes via Flickr

Good morning! Here is the big news:

  • Facebook announced the creation of “Timeline,” which is a visual representation of all the things that have happened in your life on Facebook.
  • Facebook also announced a heavier emphasis on “apps,” click here to see 10 apps we’re excited about.
  • To get a good idea of what the new Facebook will look like take look at these big screengrabs.
  • Here’s how to get the new Facebook profile yourself.
  • HP fired Leo Apotheker after 11 months on the job and replaced him with Med Whitman.
  • After firing Apotheker, board chairman Ray Lane told analysts not to trash HP’s board. He said the current board didn’t even hire Apotheker, and it’s filled with new people.
  • Here are the “smoke and mirror” tricks AOL is using to make its Patch sites look profitable.
  • Yahoo’s board isn’t look for a new CEO, it’s looking at chopping up the company and selling the parts.
  • Well-funded photo sharing startup colour is back, but this time its a Facebook app.
  • iPhone 4S cases are already showing up at AT&T.

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