10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good Morning! Here’s the most important tech news of the day:

  • Microsoft blew out earnings on the back of strong Windows sales.
  • Amazon had a huge miss on earnings, sending the stock spiraling after hours.
  • Disney is about to acquire social gaming company Playdom. 
  • The long awaited HP Slate will come in the fall as an enterprise focused tablet.
  • Dell is paying $100 million to settle its case with the SEC. Michael Dell is paying $4 million personally.
  • Is hot iPad reader startup Flipboard legal?, asks Gizmodo.
  • None of the major handset makers or wireless carriers would fess up to Slate about calls dropped on each handset.
  • Google TV isn’t even on the market, and it’s already making Hollywood a little bit nervous.
  • Apple is starting to process bumper refunds for iPhone 4, and it should be starting its free bumper program today, so keep an eye out.
  • Droid X users are eating up 5X the usual amount of data from Verizon.

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