10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: Google

Good morning!Here’s the news.

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  • Dailymotion, which used to be called Europe’s YouTube, sold for $168 million.
  • Mobile ads on Apple devices make up ~30% of the market. Samsung comes in at ~20%.
  • Tumblr’s mobile traffic will pass its desktop traffic this year, or early next, says CEO Karp.
  • Apple gadgets-lover MG Siegler is blown away by Google’s new touchscreen Chrome laptop, The Pixel.
  • Deciding which news stories to highlight, Google News ranks “the number of articles produced by a news organisation during a given time period; the average length of an article from a news source; and the importance of coverage from the news source.”
  • Facebook is building new “cold storage” server farms to host photos that no one ever looks at anymore.
  • The Department of Homeland Security seized Michael Arrington’s boat, and boy is he in a rage.
  • Online gambling is now legal in Nevada.
  • This millionaire is organising a private space flight to Mars, planning for a 2018 launch.
  • Customer service software company Zendesk got hacked, and it put the email addresses of some Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest users at risk.

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