10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

groupme jared steve

Good morning, here’s the news:

  • One-year-old group messaging startup GroupMe has been bought by Skype for $85 million. 
  • Plugged-in tech blogger/evangelist Robert Scoble is once again crying out that things are not going well at Twitter.
  • Scoble also says an Apple employee called Mark Zuckerberg a “f***ing ***hole,” and that’s why Apple did its deal with Twitter for integration.
  • Bids for Hulu are due on Wednesday. Google, Amazon, Yahoo and DirecTV are all in the running.
  • Now that the HP TouchPad is just $99, it’s flying off the shelves.
  • The real reason HP abandoned Palm and the PC business isn’t complicated: It’s turning into an enterprise software company.
  • Best Buy is offering the iPhone 3GS for free today if you sign up for a contract.
  • Groupon has been buying up a bunch of domain names for GrouponGoods … perhaps it’s preparing to challenge Amazon, speculates TechCrunch.
  • Out of the 17,000 patents Motorola owns, Bloomberg says it has 18 that are really valuable for protecting Android from lawsuits.
  • Amazon is applying for trademarks on the name and logo of Lab126, the division responsible for the Kindle. Will the Lab126 name and logo appear on its new tablet?