10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

jason goldberg, Bradford Shane Shellhammer, fab, fab.com, december 2011, bi, dngFab.com is raising ‘at least’ $250 million


  • People are still talking about Yahoo’s $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr. For example, here’s a great post from Tumblr’s first employee, Marco Arment.
  • Tumblr uses 500 Web servers and 200 database servers to deal with 500 million page views per day, and 15 billion per month.
  • Were Tumblr’s 2012 revenues even lighter than previously reported?
  • SAP is hiring autistic people to work in programming, testing, and quality assurance.
  • “Regional hospitals, insurers, and grocery retailers are already investigating ways to work together to translate consumer purchase data into health risk profiling insights.”
  • Online retailer Fab.com is raising “at least” $250 million.
  • This strange Dutchman in an orange van parked 15 miles outside of Barcelona almost broke the Internet.
  • SoftBank gave Sprint a waiver, allowing it to explore a rival offer from Dish.
  • “HasOffers, a startup that helps mobile app developers see which ad efforts are actually paying off, is announcing that it has raised a $9.4 million round of funding led byAccel Partners.”
  • Watson, IBM’s computer that won Jeopardy and is working on the cure for cancer, has now been deployed to solve customer service.

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