10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


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Good morning. We’d make a joke about how the world didn’t, but you’ve already heard them all.So let’s have some news instead.

  • Quora is expanding beyond questions and answers. Basically, it wants to organise all the world’s information, which probably sounds familiar.
  • RIM beat earnings expectations yesterday, but the stock plummeted anyway.
  • Is Apple building a semi-conductor factory in upstate New York? Locals hope so.
  • In this video, a FedEx delivery guy drops off an iPad Mini. Later, a UPS delivery guy comes by and steals it.
  • Spotify’s biggest European rival, Deezer, wants to come to the US too.
  • Congress passed an act allowing Netflix users to share the titles of what they’ve on Facebook.
  • Facebook is testing out drag-and-drop photo uploads and it looks really cool.
  • HTC plans to make a Windows Tablet.
  • Polaroid will come out with an Android-powered camera with interchangeable lenses in 2013.
  • Hulu’s parent companies, Fox and Disney, are fighting over the direction of the company.