10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Jolla Sailfish OS

Alert: You only have a few hours left to figure out what you’re thankful for!In the meantime, here’s news:

  • Apple is delaying construction of its spaceship-like new campus because of redesigns.
  • HP says it was duped by Autonomy, the company it acquired for $10 billion last year, and now the FBI is investigating.
  • Reuters points out that HP consulted 15 outside firms during its Autonomy deal. Doesn’t seem like HP got its money’s worth.
  • Analysts says carriers are excited about BlackBerry 10.
  • Nokia-spinoff Jolla has created what some are calling “the next big smartphone platform.”
  • A 1984 New York Times article says: “Does anyone do windows anymore?…The answer is, not really.”
  • A mall in San Diego created an offline version of a Pinterest board.
  • Leaked internal videos show consumers testing Microsoft Kins and hating them. Why were they every released?
  • Theory: “Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services.”
  • The US is reconsidering its antitrust case against Google.
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