10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Eric Schmidt

Photo: Gawker

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Tim Cook will be presenting the iPhone 5 on October 4. The phone goes on sale afterwards.
  • Google is running a rare, massive, advertisement on Google.com to promote its social network Google+.
  • Google opened up Google+ to the public and added a bunch of new features.
  • Glam Media bought Marc Andreessen’s social networking startup Ning for a reported $150 million. He will join the board of Glam.
  • Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt goes to Washington today to testify about the company’s search dominance.
  • Yelp will be testifying against Google, saying that Google doesn’t provide a level playing field.
  • Crazy: 18-24 year olds are sending 110 texts per day on average.
  • Netflix’s stock has been absolutely demolished since it raised prices.
  • The annual cost of patent litigation is $83 billion.
  • After not posting for weeks, Sergey Brin has returned to Google+ with this mysterious image.

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