10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

j allard bill gates zuneJ Allard and Bill Gates

Photo: Associated Press

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • HP ended its lawsuit with Oracle over the hiring of Mark Hurd. As a part of ending the lawsuit, Hurd is giving back some stock options.
  • Foursquare has revamped its iPhone app, and introduced its own version of the “like” button, which allows users to add locations to Foursquare from the web.
  • Police are close to ending their investigation of the leaked iPhone 4 that landed in Gizmodo’s possession. The cops have grilled a number of Apple employees including Steve Jobs.
  • Microsoft is expanding coverage of the Zune pass to a few European countries.
  • Apple’s stock keeps climbing. Last night it had its highest ever closing price.
  • Sony is looking for senior engineers with experience in Android. Is an Android-based Playstation handset on its way?
  • An Iranian blogger is facing the death penalty, after being jailed two years ago. Allegedly, his big crime was visiting Israel.
  • Android app growth is basically on pace with Apple at this point.
  • Google is unveiling the “Transparency Report,” a site that will let users know when Google takes down a site, or is blocked by a government.
  • Apple may be working on a 7 inch iPad, says a not-so-reliable analyst.

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