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1. The “blond-haired elephant in the room” is leading the discussion on US markets. While the US Federal Reserve is due to release their interest rate policy tomorrow, all eyes are nervously on President Donald Trump. Over in China, a speech from Xi Jinping failed to inspired confidence in China’s industrial sector, with investors hoping for new infrastructure announcements to boost metals — the index fell 2% to $69.03.

2. The Aussie dollar fell against most of the major crosses again on Tuesday, weighed down by another plunge in crude oil prices. At 8am in Sydney, the Aussie sits at 0.7177. David Scutt has more.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart

3. The Brexit fallout continues.Credit Suisse has reportedly contacted it’s wealthiest clients to get their money out of the UK. While the bank maintains that it’s not their official line, the “super rich” are leaving behind their UK assets to diversify their portfolio against Brexit risk. Meanwhile, the UK government plans to deploy 3,500 troops to handle Brexit fallout.

4. ICYMI: Corruption investigators raided Labor offices yesterday and it’s reportedly over links to Chinese influence. ICAC has declined to comment on the raid.

5. It’s not all doom and gloom in the property industry, at least not for private new home sales. The tiny uptick on the end of this graph shows that detatched house sales are at the highest level since June, after rising 3.6% in November.


6. RIP Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin has fallen so low that it is becoming too costly to mine. Now miners who never introduced efficiencies to adjust the cost curve are having to wind down their operations.

JP Morgan

7. Inside the investor roadshow. Raising capital for growth is one of the most important milestones for an ambitious company, yet founders often know little about the process before they are in the thick of it. Business Insider spoke in detail to the founders of VINEX, an Adelaide-based company that built a global marketplace for wine, about how they found investors and secured capital. Chris Pash has more here.

8. The Tesla of China. Nio has seen rapid sales growth of their domestic luxury electric-vehicle brand over the past year. Check out the new car they just launched at the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai.

NIO ES6NIOThe Nio ES6. Oooh. Shiny.

9. Cannabis — it’s going to be bigger than the beer by 2035. A recent study by Cowen put the cannabis industry‚Äôs current value at more than $US7 billion, growing to $25 billion industry by 2025 and nearly $100 billion by 2035.

10. Smartphones have got it all, whether you’re looking for camera quality, great sound, water resistance, fast charging or just something that feels good in your hand. You can even get phones with five cameras, facial recognition, wireless charging… it really has been a good year for smartphones. We’ve rounded up the top smartphones of 2018.

BONUS ITEM: There’s a new underground hotel in China that’s built in a quarry and has underwater rooms, and it looks absolutely mystical. Check it out:

InterContinental Hotels and ResortsThe hotel officially opened on December 1.

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