10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

iphone leak

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  • The Apple rumour mill is churning again, and people say there are leaked photos of the iPhone 5S.
  • Twitter is diving into e-commerce with the help of American Express. Users will soon be able to buy items via tweets.
  • Apple’s cheaper iPhone could launch as soon as June, according to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White.
  • Facebook is testing a new “Buy Tickets” feature on its event pages.
  • Samsung is launching Open Innovation centres in San Francisco and New York to improve the software side of its business.
  • Microsoft wants to start making interactive TV shows by year-end and turn the Xbox 360 into an “entertainment console.”
  • Bill Gates hosted “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit yesterday and said his biggest product regret was the Windows Future Storage.
  • Snapchat has launched a private Beta video feature on its Android app.
  • Someone is anonymously pointing reporters to a damning post about Quora failing. This person claims it’s a “leaked email” allegedly written by a “high profile venture capitalist.” No one has validated the email’s authenticity so take it as you will.
  • Former Buddy Media and Salesforce executives have started a new company, Nomi, and it only took them 13 days to raise $3 million.

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