10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Photo: perivision.net

Good morning! Here’s the scoop:

  • Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper phone.
  • Facebook is hosting a mystery press event next week.
  • Qualcomm gave a keynote at CES that everyone is talking about. The theme was “born mobile”; Steve Ballmer and Big Bird both appeared on stage.
  • Web TV company Aereo raised $38 million and announced 22 cities it will be launching in soon.
  • Kickstarter had a good year. In 2012, 2.2 million people spent $319 million funding 18,000 projects.
  • T-Mobile is getting rid of annual contracts and it’s offering a Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan for $70 per month. It’s also offering free wireless data services in select Windows 8 laptops.
  • LivingSocial has a new CMO, Best Buy’s Barry Judge.
  • Facebook’s marketing firm Spruce Media had layoffs.
  • USV’s Fred Wilson admitted it’s tough to find investors once a startup is past its “hopes and dreams” phase but hasn’t yet found “true success.”
  • A startup received an interesting threat from a large wedding site.

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