10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Sea Monster Deepstaria Enigmatica 6

It’s a great morning – unless you are Silicon Valley’s top recruiting firm, that is.

  • Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson says his entire resume scandal is a recruiting firm’s fault.
  • If that’s true, it’s bad news for Heidrick & Struggles, said recruiting firm.
  • Yahoo’s top shareholder may vote to throw out the current regime either way.
  • Facebook needs to make more money. One way it’s trying: letting users pay to make sure their friends see their posts.
  • One report says Facebook’s IPO is weak. Another says its oversubscribed. Don’t believe either.
  • Ouch: this kid turned down a job at $1 billion Instagram.
  • There is a new Bing and it is as social as a soriority sister.
  • If the new Bing is any good, it’s probably thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Also thanks to Microsoft, you will soon be able to browse the Internet with your arms and legs.
  • If you haven’t seen photos of this bizarre sea monster, you aren’t paying close enough attention to bizarre sea monsters.

Stay with SAI all day for LOTS of things you need to know.

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