10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

marissa mayer

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Marissa Mayer sent a late-night email promising to make Yahoo “the absolute best place to work.”
  • Apple’s hardware genius Bob Mansfield is not actually leaving the company, and is working on “future products.”
  • The Winklevoss twins just bought an $18 million mansion.
  • Paul Mountford, Cisco’s head of enterprise sales, has left.
  • Yahoo hired the CEO of Lockerz to be its chief marketing officer.
  • We took a tour of GitHub’s office in San Francisco — and it’s awesome.
  • Quora, which is growing quickly, is actually Wikipedia’s worst nightmare.
  • The latest iPhone 5 leaks suggest the new phone could carry a chip that lets you pay for things with your phone.
  • Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff’s intern is now a wealthy entrepreneur.
  • Check out the “internal memo” Samsung sent out on the outcome of its big patent lawsuit with Apple.

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