10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

David Ebersman FacebookFacebook CFO David Ebersman

Photo: By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ready? OK. News:

  • Pandora pays Drake ~$4 million a year.
  • This is what the Facebook “Want” button will look like.
  • Google hid a tribute to Steve Jobs in its Gmail app for iOS.
  • Steve Ballmer’s pay took a hit this year because Microsoft didn’t deliver on Windows and browsers.
  • Facebook fought the SEC trying to keep a flaw in its business hidden before the IPO.
  • Samsung is going to reveal a “mini” version of its Galaxy S III, which people love because it is huge.
  • Apple’s “tacky” software design style is driving people insane – may cause a “revolt.”
  • Walmart is exploring same-day delivery for ecommerce orders, just like its real rival, Amazon.
  • Another reason Apple’s supply chain has been slow to deliver phones is a type of aluminium used in the new iPhone.
  • This company could have been Instagram, now it’s on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

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