10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Mark Zuckerberg Oil Painting

Photo: fudyma

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • To get to 500 million mobile users, Facebook is launching an app for feature phones. These are phones less advanced than your iPhone.
  • It’s quasi-official: iPad 2 will have a camera. We know this because of clues in the latest version of iOS.
  • Speaking of Apple and Facebook: new iOS features around photo and location-sharing could take aim at the social networking giant.
  • Groupon competitor LivingSocial’s $20-for-$10 Amazon gift card promo is a huge success: it sold over 1 million.
  • Amazon bought Lovefilm, the Netflix of Europe.
  • Google Voice allows people to port their current phone number to the service. Does this mean the service is about to get huge? No, says Dan Frommer.
  • AOL is making an iPad magazine called Editions. The app makes a customised magazine related to your interests. They made a video to promote it that’s actually cool and funny. (Link)
  • Kongregate, a games site, made an app and it was banned from the Android Market — that’s right, Android.
  • We’re going to Davos! (Well, our boss is.)
  • Bonus! Video of a guy running through 5 subway cars before the train leaves the station.

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