10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Michael EisnerMichael Eisner.

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Good morning. Some headlines:

  • Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson sent out a memo naming two editors who are going to lead a “Special Project” that will be “crucial to our success as a company.” (Talking Biz News)
  • In other News Corp. news, a longtime UK Sun editor is headed to New York to work on the company’s tablet newspaper that it doesn’t want people calling a newspaper. (paidContent)
  • Former Disney Chief Michael Eisner is downplaying reports that he might run the Tribune Co. (paidContent)
  • Conan O’Brien will be taking questions on Facebook and answering them on YouTube. (NewTeeVee)
  • Dylan Stableford translated from Spanish Ines Sainz’s full statement about the Jets’ inappropriate remarks toward her in their locker room over the weekend. (The Wrap)
  • Brandon Holley’s return to Conde Nast marks “the first time ever at Condé Nast that an editor in chief arrives with experience running a Web site.” (New York Observer)
  • Bloomberg News is now on Yahoo Finance. (The Wire)
  • Gawker bloggers have been getting a little overlappy with their posts. (Runnin’ Scared)
  • NewYorkPost.com gets in on the fantasy football craze to drive revenue. (minOnline)
  • New Yorkers are total flakes. (New York Observer)

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