10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

sam zell

Good morning! News:

  • The female reporter who got cat-called by the Jets “wasn’t really dressed inappropriately.” (WWD)
  • The idea of Michael Eisner running the Tribune Co. makes perfect sense. (The Wrap)
  • Speaking of the Tribune Co., its creditors want to sue Sam Zell. (AP)
  • HBO is losing subscribers. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • In the future, all media is going to be social media. (Mashable)
  • Atlantic.com’s new tech channel is live. (The Atlantic)
  • Former Conde Nast executive David Carey talks about his new life at Hearst. (Daily Front Row)
  • The Washington Post is starting to run ads on page 1. (The Upshot)
  • The Village Voice is making a comeback. (The Wire)
  • John Mayer quit Twitter, but he’s still on Tumblr. (The Wrap)

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