10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

steve ballmer, mircosoft sign

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • The tech world is buzzing over a report from Michael Arrington that 10 super angels are meeting privately to collude to keep investment valuations low.
  • Research in Motion is preparing to use a new operating system, and unveil its iPad rival, the BlackPad as early as next week.
  • Amazon UK has already cut the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab by £200. It’s still expensive though — £599.99 ($933.31).
  • Bill Gates plans on voting in favour of raising income taxes on people earning over $200,000 in Washington State. (Steve Ballmer opposes it.)
  • Microsoft raised its dividend from $0.13 to $0.16, and authorised the purchase of $6 billion in debt.
  • Oracle’s customer’s are worried Oracle is amassing too much power, and could end up raising prices over time.
  • Facebook made some changes to its games structure, hoping to eliminate some of the noise from games showing up in news feeds.
  • Google is putting up a huge billboard in Times Square to advertise that it’s in the display ad business. Weird, right?
  • eBay’s Marketplace chief is leaving the company because of a health issue with a family member.
  • Carol Bartz says everyone is replaceable, so she’s not worried about losing a few “self-proclaimed” Yahoo execs she’s never even heard of.

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