10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

mad men

Oh hi, good morning! How was your weekend? Time for some headlines:

  • “Modern Family,” “Mad Men,” “Glee” and HBO all won big at last night’s Emmys. (Deadline Hollywood)
  • Everyone was making fun of Time magazine a few weeks ago for using that same old “Can animals think?” cover story three times since 1993. But overall, a Time cover story “still has an impact,” and that’s part of the reason why its not collapsing like rival Newsweek, says Howard Kurtz. (Washington Post)
  • Ratings for TV news coverage of the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina weren’t so hot. Cooper and Maddow’s Katrina specials gave each anchor their lowest ratings of the week. (Media Decoder)
  • Disney and Time Warner are close to a distribution deal. (Media Decoder)
  • The New York Times’ new public editor, Arthur S. Brisbane, introduced himself this past weekend. (NYT)
  • Maybe he’d like to address the fact that of The Times’ 76 obits published so far this August, only six have been about women. (NYTPicker)
  • One of “the last great newspaper wars” is being fought in San Francisco. (David Carr/The Media Equation)
  • Newsweek photojournalist Charles Ommanney regrets agreeing to be a part of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” on which his now ex-wife is one of the stars, because it kind of ruined his life. (NYT)
  • New York magazine and The New Yorker are in a bit of a tiff. (Memo Pad)
  • Tweens are blogging. (The Independent)

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