10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Mixed cash

Photo: stopnlook

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Holy cow! Mobile payments will be a $633 BILLION market by 2014, according to a research report. GigaOm has more.
  • Tablets, tablets, tablets! Dell will release one this summer, Sony is working on one.
  • The Facebook privacy soap opera continues: the mainstream media catches on, TechCrunch thinks it’s too much, VentureBeat not enough, Scoble wants to be Mark Zuckerberg’s PR person, and Aaron Greenspan, who was at Harvard at the same time as Zuckerberg, relates the site’s murky beginnings from his perspective. And of course our exclusive on Mark Zuckerberg’s early IMs doesn’t help matters. Phew.
  • Speaking of Facebook, is the site really in trouble? User growth seems to have stalled since the kerfuffle began, and fledgling open source alternative Diaspora has wind at its back.
  • We think this is really cool: @ukwarcabinet relates World War II in real time on Twitter using the UK’s cabinet archives. It’s really compelling, we suggest you follow that account. The Spectator’s Alex Massie has more.
  • Apple told Adobe basically to go screw themselves. What did Adobe do? Buy ads saying they love Apple. Expensive ads. Pathetic.
  • Bittersweet, to say the least: Foxconn, a key supplier to Apple and other electronics companies, announced very strong results for this quarter, while yet another of their employees commits suicide. Ugh.
  • Gizmodo points out that voice usage is falling in the US, versus texts and data, and that this is bad for the carriers, since this is where they make most of their money.
  • Nice! An iPad app called Tabloid turns your Twitter stream into a nice magazine-like layout.
  • Funny video of the day! Sock puppet Steve Ballmer reviews the iPad.

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