10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

super green ninja with lasers shooting out of his eyesNinja!

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Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Foursquare! The company now has 500 apps built on top of its API, but after news of Facebook coming out with a rival product, now it’s a Google-backed startup that’s piling on, with a gaming app which looks like a better challenger than its ho-hum Google Latitude product.
  • It’s still a trend: now everyone on LinkedIn calls themselves a “ninja.”
  • Enterprise software giant SAP bought smaller enterprise software company Sybase for almost $6 billion. Om Malik has an idea why.
  • Cisco’s earnings yesterday beat the Street handsomely.
  • Diaspora, the open Facebook alternative, hit $50,000 in funding, and will probably hit $100,000 soon.
  • Nice! A guy bought Google ads for the names of top execs in his industry, hoping they’d google themselves, land on his resume and hire him. It worked.
  • More noise about provisions in the Financial Reform Bill throttling angel investing.
  • Are netbooks toast? We just don’t know.
  • With Steve Jobs set to appear at the next D Conference, The Unofficial Apple Weblog looks at past Jobs interviews.
  • Elliot Schrage, the Facebook executive in charge of making sure the media and government don’t tear his company to shreds, has a Q&A with the New York Times.

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