10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Twitter money

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • That Verizon iPhone ain’t coming tomorrow — Apple has a five-year deal with AT&T. (Or it least, it had a five-year deal. No one knows what the deal looks like now.)
  • It’s the oldest potential business model for the company, and yet Twitter is only now launching a Business centre, the company just confirmed.
  • More obstacles on the road of Facebook’s new Instant personalisation feature: a data leak at Yelp, one of their launch partners.
  • Firefox 4 is here! If you care, more details here.
  • The iPhone app for Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey’s payments startup Square has hit the iPhone app store. More about Square here.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that its new Project Natal gaming system will launch in October.
  • Those who, like us, have nostalgia for the Street Fighter games they played in the 80s — rejoice! Street Fighter is coming to mobile. Maybe. (It’s already available for the iPhone.)
  • Cool! David Hockney, a famous British artist, uses the iPad to make art.
  • Über-VC Fred Wilson declares email bankruptcy. If you want to write him about it, his email is…
  • Crazy about web analytics? (If your business is online, you should be.) A new tool called Hummingbird lets you view visits to your site live — it updates up to 20 times per seconds.

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