10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Pandora Joe Kennedy

Photo: Michael Seto

What time is it? News time:

  • Apple updated iPhones, iPods, and iPads to iOS6 yesterday.
  • Apple took Google Maps off the iPhone in this update. Here’s how to get them back.
  • Apple also updated its desktop operating system.
  • One of Zuckerberg’s Harvard classmates has released new IMs from before Facebook was launched.
  • Samsung says it is going to examine Apple’s iPhone 5 and then take legal action over it.
  • M&A types think Google, Amazon, or Clear Channel will buy Pandora, now that Apple is launching a clone.
  • Netflix engineering VP John Ciancutti just quit to take a job at Facebook.
  • This man built a $2 billion fortune selling software and you’ve probably never heard of him.
  • Dell and HP just put out a whole new line-up of Windows 8 ready computers.
  • FLASHBACK: Here’s a sweet 1994 video of Bill Gates showing Connie Chung how he can jump over a chair.

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