10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: Associated Press

Good Morning! News:

  • Nokia is hunting for a new CEO.
  • Asus is dumping Windows for Android on its EEE Pad EP101TC.
  • A bunch of tech and media companies are inching closer to a big cloud based media operation called UltraViolet.
  • Amazon says Kindle sales were up 3X in the first half of the year, and Amazon is dominating e-book sales.
  • Steve Jobs wanted to ditch AT&T half a dozen times, according to a great feature in Wired.
  • Yahoo is looking at buying url shortener bit.ly.
  • Apple reports earnings today after the close. Tune in for coverage, in the meanwhile, here’s 12 stocks that move based on Apple.
  • Want another search engine? You got it. Here’s Blekko.
  • Sales of this year’s EA Sports Tiger Woods video game fell by 32%.
  • The FCC seems to be approving a new Apple Magic track pad. It’s like a laptop track pad, but designed for the desktop instead of a mouse.

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