10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Steve Case IGNITION 2012

Good morning! Here’s the overnight news.

  • Car-makers want to build software into their products, so Detroit is becoming a hot spot for developers looking for jobs.
  • Apple is bundling iPhones, Macs, and iPads with $50 and $100 gift cards for its “Back to School” promotion. 
  • Fired Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s album is out. You can tell he still has a lot of money, because he paid expensive producers and musicians to bear with him through “funny” lyrics.
  • An ASUS staffer leaked the news that a new version of Google’s flagship Android tablet, the Nexus 7, will come out in July.
  • Steve Case raised another $150 million to invest in early stage startups.
  • “An Italian neuroscientist believes he’s figured out how to do a full human head transplant. Or body transplant, depending on your perspective.”
  • A Chinese IT worker accidentally broadcasted 10 minutes of porn over a jumbotron in a big train station.
  • Apple has filed to trademark “iWatch” in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, and Colombia.
  • Email remains a much more effective way to sell things to people thank Facebook or Twitter. In fact, it’s grown more effective on both a relative and absolute basis.
  • People are passing around this short film made by a Pixar employee.

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