10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

howard stringer

Good Morning! Here’s the news:

  • Apple revamped its iPod line, updated Apple TV, and rolled out a social network yesterday. Catch up on every thing that happened right here.
  • During Steve Jobs’ presentation, he insinuated that Google was overstating the amount of Android devices being activated daily. Google says Jobs is full of it, and Google is activating 200,000 new Android devices daily (compared to Apple’s 230,000 iOS devices daily.)
  • Apple announced $0.99 TV show rentals as part of Apple TV. Amazon responded with $0.99 TV shows for sale, not rent.
  • Apple’s Ping social network doesn’t play nice with Facebook because Steve Jobs says Facebook had “onerous” terms, whatever that might mean.
  • Inflection, a people search engine, just raised $30 million.
  • Sony announced its multiplatform music and movie service yesterday. It has an awful name: Qriocity.
  • We haven’t seen any news about Dell upping its bid for 3PAR, so it looks like HP is going to be the winner.
  • Elevation Partners’ LPs are denying the fund an extension, and it looks like everything is riding on its funding of Facebook and Yelp.
  • Gizmodo has the full details on the 7″ iPad rival, the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.
  • The best selling iPhone game ever, Angry Birds, is now making its way to Android.

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