10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

SOPA Protest
Anit-SOPA protesters gather on January 18

[credit provider=”Business Insider”]

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • 26 new senators oppose PIPA after yesterday’s protests.
  • It wasn’t just Wikipedia blackouts, either — people actually took to the streets in San Francisco and New York.
  • AT&T is introducing brand-new data plans next week.
  • Accel just put a bunch of money into a startup that does online backup.
  • Facebook’s Bret Taylor was surprised at the kinds of apps people want for their Timelines.
  • SinglePlatform just partnered with Foursquare to bring its 400,000 restaurant menus to users.
  • Microsoft tech wiz Dave Cutler has just been assigned to the Xbox team.
  • Stephanie Tilenius, formerly of Google Wallet, has a new job.
  • HP has named Bill Veghte its Chief Strategy Officer, and his first task is to fix webOS.
  • Amazon has a plan to make huge sites run more quickly.