10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

New York Subway CommuteThe U.S. government says Internet spying prevented an attack on New York’s subways.

Morning! Here’s the overnight news.

  • Google is challenging the government’s gag order on data requests from the NSA.
  • Meanwhile, the NSA says its Internet spying foiled 50 terrorist plots, including one to bomb New York’s subway system.
  • Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone journalist who wrote that damning profile about General Stanley McChrystal, is dead from a car crash at age 33.
  • Microsoft will use¬†Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors in future Surface tablets.
  • Tesla is going to recall 800 Model S cars that had bad seat brackets.
  • “Forget lab rats. Some researchers are now testing medicines on a silicon chip that could provide a better read on how a drug will work.”
  • Facebook is delaying the rollout of video ads until at least the fall.
  • Chinese Internet company Tencent is leading a $150 million investment in ecommerce startup Fab.com, which now has a $1 billion valuation.
  • Dish abandoned its bid to buy Sprint, leaving SoftBank in the catbird seat.
  • Donations are flowing in for the legal defence fund for the ¬†“anonymous” hacker who exposed the Steubenville rapists.

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