10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

2013 nissan leaf japan

Photo: Nissan

Good morning! Here’s the news. After, come back to SAI all day live news and analysis.

  • You know all that hacking being done by the Chinese army? It’s all coming from one building, and this is supposedly a video of them at work.
  • Sorry, the Singularity: “The brain is not computable and no engineering can reproduce it,” says the author of several pioneering papers on brain-machine interfaces.
  • Eureka! Scientists discovered a new property of matter – and that could mean all kinds of new technologies for the rest of us.
  • Marissa Mayer promoted an engineer to run search at Yahoo.
  • Microsoft jacked Office for Mac prices 17%.
  • Google made voice recognition much better in the latest Android phones by mimicking brains.
  • Outlook.com has 60 million users, so Microsoft is turning off the old Hotmail.com user-interface this summer.
  • If electric cars are going to work, their batteries have to get much better.
  • Never promote your best salesperson.
  • Nissan is moving its self-driving car R&D team to Silicon Valley.

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