10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: JD Lasica/Flickr

Good Morning! The news today:

  • Netflix has split itself into two businesses: “Netflix” will be streaming only, and a new DVD-only business called “Qwikster”.
  • The Netflix split makes sense, but it really sucks for the customer because it makes things much more complicated.
  • One thing Netflix screwed up with the “Qwikster” split — the Twitter handle is already owned by someone who tweets a lot of profane material.
  • Facebook has partnered with just about every major music streaming service for its music product, according to information buried inside each service’s HTML.
  • Carol Bartz was fired at Yahoo for not putting together a good plan for the company, and regularly failing to hit her targets.
  • Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet have left Twitter’s board.
  • Online prescription glasses startup Warby Parker is said to be raising a massive new round at a valuation over $100 million or higher.
  • Google bought German Groupon clone DailyDeal.
  • Get ready for a big pivot from colour, says Sequoia, which is one of its big backers.
  • Is Google CEO Larry Page bored with Google+? He hardly ever uses it.

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