10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

iPad 2

Good morning! Here’s your Friday news:

  • Google is going on a hiring spree, looking to add 2,000 new employees.
  • Cisco authorised buying back another $10 billion shares.
  • RIM has lost its ad agency, so it’s looking for someone else to take over its $200 million ad account.
  • With cable subscribers jumping ship, Time Warner Cable is going to test out a $50 monthly package that offers fewer channels.
  • Apple is working on a dual GSM-CDMA world edition iPad 2 which is thinner than the current model, says one analyst.
  • Firefox’s contract with Google ends in November 2011. If it loses that, it’s toast.
  • Google is looking at buying Groupon for north of $3 billion.
  • Check out the paychecks at the top tech organisations. Facebook pays more than anyone on average.
  • A good essay on why cutting the cord isn’t easy, especially if you actually like TV.
  • MySpace is done being a (traditional) social network. It’s doing a “mashup” with Facebook, where all your Facebook data gets sucked into MySpace so it knows what TV shows and music you like.

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