10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

san francisco residents bashing google shuttle bus pinataSan Francisco residents destroy a Google employee shuttle in effigy

Good morning. Here’s the overnight news.

  • Judging from activity on Facebook and Twitter, people are mostly positive about Apple’s new operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 7.
  • WPP is investing in a Pinterest-like mobile social media platform called Muzy.
  • Microsoft created new ad formats that can be included in Windows 8 apps.
  • GitHub, a social network for coders, is coming out with a major redesign in the next few days.
  • HTC’s latest low-end Android phone comes with an ad-blocker.¬†“The HTC Desire 200 makes reading websites easier by automatically adjusting text to fit your screen and¬†removing unwanted ads.”
  • Yahoo may buy New York-based startup Qwiki for $50 million.
  • Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom canceled an appearance at the Cannes Lions festival. The rumour is that he needs to be at headquarters when Instagram launches a video service this week.
  • Thanks to shuttle buses for employees, spying on users, and expensive weddings thrown by rich investors, people suddenly hate and fear the tech industry.
  • Microsoft can’t sell its Surface tablets to consumers, so it’s going to sell the to schools cheap.
  • Accel raised $100 million for second fund for investments in “big data” startups.

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