10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

AppNexus CEO Brian O'KelleyAppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley

Good morning! News: 

  • Why did a top executive quit AppNexus, and why are others looking to leave?
  • AOL has re-launched its Webmail product, calling it Alto.
  • Facebook stock went up yesterday, thanks to a positive report about its mobile ad business.
  • Reports say IBM will buy Israeli software firm Red Bend for $250 million.
  • Yahoo’s canned CFO will get his annual salary and bonus as a severance.
  • colour, a startup that raised $41 million before it launched and then bombed, is going to be acquired by Apple?
  • If you’ve read earlier books in a series, Amazon will charge you more for the next one than it would other shoppers – and this has a Googler fairly upset.
  • eBay focused on mobile last quarter, and because of that, revenue is up 15%.
  • How to become a Silicon Valley insider without any experience or connections.
  • On average, analysts estimate that Apple sold 27 million iPhones last quarter.

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