10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Reed Hastings

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Facebook and MySpace have a joint announcement planned for noon. It will probably mean MySpace is getting Facebook connect.
  • The Financial Times is giving all of its staff a $480 subsidy towards purchasing iPads, or other tablets.
  • Steve Wozniak says Android will become the dominant smartphone platform, beating Apple.
  • Verizon says its investment in LTE has drawn interest from Apple.
  • Millennial Media is serving up just as many ad impressions to Android as iOS, now.
  • Ev Williams says being CEO of Twitter was a “sucky job,” and Twitter could have handled things better with the developer community.
  • Fortune Magazine named Netflix CEO Reed Hasting businessperson of the year for 2010.
  • Walt Mossberg and David Pogue both peed on Google TV saying it’s no good.
  • Former News Corp. honcho Peter Chernin is sniffing around Yahoo, waiting to see what happens to the company.
  • Google and Bing gained search share in October. Yahoo lost share.

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